[rdfweb-dev] foaf weblog'd

Mark Pilgrim f8dy at s...
Wed Sep 25 00:27:02 UTC 2002

> It certainly sounds do-able. I'm a little wary of it getting into
> scenarios where people feel obliged to list their 'best-est friends'
> in
> order. In fact to date we've gotten along ok without actually having
> a
> relationship type called 'foaf:friend'. Instead, we list more
> concrete
> thigns, like facts about who wrote things together, who is in the
> same
> photos etc... Not sure how that'd map into weblog space. Maybe
> 'frequentlyCommentsOnBlogsBy' is roughly what blogroll amounts to? Or
> is
> it also 'admiresFromADistanceTheWritingsOf'?

Or "foaf:reads"?

> > In email, Kevin Burton suggested mod_link:
> >
> > [l:link l:rel="http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/"
> > l:type="application/rdf+xml"
> > l:title="FOAF"
> > rdf:resource="LINK_TO_FOAF"/]
> >
> ....'. I
> don't know much about Kevin's link module. It seems specific to
> FOAF, though. 


It's not actually FOAF-specific. The rel can be a defined
relationship (ala LINK tags in HTML) or a namespace URI.
(This is not entirely clear from the current spec.)
The purpose of it is to link RSS documents to other related
documents. In email, Kevin (author of the module) said that
this is exactly the sort of thing it was intended for (though
that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best solution).
It does appear to solve the problem Seth mentioned
of not knowing (without dereferencing) what's on the other end
of the link, although you're right that dc:format could also
go a long way towards removing ambiguity. The mod_link
method also seems to be somewhat easier to parse with straight
XML tools.

I'm not stumping for it; that's just my current
level of understanding.


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