[rdfweb-dev] The shorest way between friend and another friend

se seman seeyou2999 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 21 18:30:28 UTC 2003

Hi, friends

I am thinking a problem about how to find the shorest
way between friend and another friend in the FOAF
network based on people's RDF file.
It is different from the privious work of Codepiction
Paths which is used to find the shortest way through
codepict  pictures between friends.

In my opinion, I more care the 'knows' item in the
FOAF vocabulary instead of the codipict pictures.

Using 'knows' item, people can make FOAF network. But
the connetion between two friends might be single way
or double way which means if A knows B according to
A's RDF file, B may or may not know A according to B's
That is different to Libby's codipict idea: if a
picture shows two people A and B, then A and B will 
know each other which means the way between A and  B 
has not direction(arrow). I thought this method will
not suit for the real RDF file which people write by

So according to what I describled above, I would like
to say finding a shortest way between 2 person in the
FOAF net work based on people's RDF file is worth to
do .

Welcome any feedback about my idea from people here. 

Gao Wei    

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