[rdfweb-dev] IM URIs

Ian Davis iand at internetalchemy.org
Fri Aug 1 10:42:09 UTC 2003

This internet draft:

contains a section on proposed instant messenger URIs which might be
useful for FOAF. Syntax is suggested to be:

   IM-URI         = "im:" [ to ] [ headers ]
   to             =  #mailbox
   headers        =  "?" header *( "&" header )
   header         =  hname "=" hvalue
   hname          =  *urlc
   hvalue         =  *urlc

Although it's not described in the I-D I'm guessing that the #mailbox
would be something like 123456789 at icq.com

- Ian <iand at internetalchemy.org>
"Comments lie. Code doesn't."

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