[rdfweb-dev] ID, nodeID and foaf:made

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Sat Aug 2 08:35:27 UTC 2003

I'm confused about the differences between ID and nodeID all prompted by
trying to correctly code up foaf:maker

All my Persons had an ID and I added foaf:maker. Someone pointed out
<foaf:Document rdf:about="">
  <foaf:topic rdf:nodeID="n_1"/>
  <foaf:maker rdf:nodeID="n_1"/>
<foaf:Person rdf:ID="n_1">
Was incorrect so I changed it to

<foaf:Document rdf:about="">
  <foaf:topic rdf:nodeID="n_1"/>
  <foaf:maker rdf:nodeID="n_1"/>
<foaf:Person rdf:nodeID="n_1">
Then I got this.

>Just one thing. Isn't
>rdf:nodeID from the Working Draft of Jan 2003. Should we be using this
>already. The Working Draft document does carry the usual disclaimer:
>It is a draft document and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by
>other documents at any time. It is inappropriate to use W3C Working
>Drafts as reference material or to cite as other than "work in
>>From a personal (and selfish) point of view, rdf:nodeID is not
>>suppported by the RDF parser I am using. I have the source so I could
>>hack in support but would feel uneasy about this in case of changes
>>when the new spec becomes a Recommendation.

But changing everything to ID doesn't work either.
  <foaf:topic rdf:ID="n_1"/>
Error: {W105} Redefinition of ID: n_1[Line = 12, Column = 29]

So how about
<foaf:Document rdf:about="">
  <foaf:maker rdf:resource="n_1"/>
<foaf:Person rdf:ID="n_1">

It validates but is the meaning correct?

BTW. I am also getting some validation errors when I added
 <foaf:made rdf:about="" />
to the main Person.

Error: {E201} Syntax error when processing attribute rdf:about. Cannot
have attribute rdf:about in this context.[Line = 11, Column = 31]

Aaarg! It must fairly obvious I don't know what I'm doing or why ;-)

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