[rdfweb-dev] tidy up, we have visitors coming... ;)

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Sat Aug 2 10:15:13 UTC 2003

Registration for TypePad, Six Apart's new weblog hosting service, opens 
on monday as a preview release.


FOAF appears twice in their feature list,
http://www.typepad.com/features.html -- they can both consume FOAF files
(speedy typelist creation) as well as auto-generated a FOAF file for each 
user, with no need for users to ever see any RDF/XML markup.

	Want to add a friend to your blogroll? It's a few simple clicks. 
	And if they have a TypePad weblog or make use of FOAF, it's even easier.

And it is in fact so. Adding someone to my typelist (I'm beta-testing for them,
along with Morten and Danny) was really easy. I added Libby to my 
test site at http://foaf.typepad.com/ just by putting her homepage into a 
web form and hitting a button. So then typepad (doubtless using Ben Trott's 
XML::FOAF module) goes off and reads Libby's homepage and finds her FOAF 
auto-discovery link and gets her FOAF file and finds out here name, and 
other info.  And then of course Libby shows up straight away in _my_ 
typepad FOAF file, ie. http://foaf.typepad.com/foaf.rdf -- all pretty slick,
machines doing the work so we don't have to.

The TypePad folks have also been pretty responsive to minor bugfixes and 
tweaks I've sent them, so I am not worried about this creating any 'de facto' 
FOAF variant that'll cause problems. Their markup is simple and straightforward
and accurate, and should help bootstrap things nicely.

So... it's reasonably to expect we'll be seeing some interest in FOAF 
next week. I've noticed we're already bobbing around in the lower end of the 
charts at http://www.popdex.com/ so it really is time to get things tidied 
up. I'll be working on spec cleanups mostly in what's left of my spare time
this weekend. Everyone else might want to think about tidyups to other things
(tools, services, docs...), and also bear in mind there's a reasonable chance
we'll be indirectly or directly slashdot-linked in coming weeks...
(in which case rdfweb.org, xmlns.com and foaf-project.org stand a fair 
risk of being knocked off the web, as they're served from domestic cable 

So basically, 'tidy up, we've got visitors...' ;)


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