[rdfweb-dev] ID, nodeID and foaf:made

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Sat Aug 2 11:42:18 UTC 2003

Tanks for the hugely detailed answer.

Dan Brickley <danbri at w3.org> wrote:
>> BTW. I am also getting some validation errors when I added
>>  <foaf:made rdf:about="" />
>> to the main Person.
>This again shows the symmetric design of rdf:nodeID is nice. You have
>here the common error of writing rdf:about where you mean rdf:resource
>(or vice-versa). The rdf:about attribute only ever appears on an XML
>element that stands for a particular node, ie a particular thing. The
>rdf:resource element only ever appears on an XML element that encodes
>a relationship (such as foaf:made). The former elements often are
>named with capital letters (such as Person, Cat, Car, Company) since
>they can carry a type, and RDF follows java-ish conventions, with most
>vocabs using lowercase for properties/relations, and upper case for
>classes. So if you see rdf:about on an element that begins with a lowercase
>letter, or rdf:resource on an element which begins uppercase, you may
>have an example of this error. (note that rss 1.0 is all lowercase so
>breaks this handy naming pattern).

Edd might want to change this page, then

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