[rdfweb-dev] [ann] Speaks, Reads and Writes 2.0 Draft

Leandro Mariano Lopez llopez at xinergiaargentina.com
Mon Aug 4 21:17:31 UTC 2003

Hi all:

As I promised in previous emails to the list [1], I've rewrited my 
Speaks, Reads and Writes [2] schema usign OWL [3], adding language level 
and language type properties as suggested [4]. This version is still a 
draft version, but I want you to review it and send me your comments 
about it.

This is my second attempt to write a schema, and my first onw using OWL, 
so please, any errors you found, let me know about it.

You will find the schema at this URL [2], a Notation3 version [5] and an 
example in Notation3 [6] and XML/RDF [7]


Leandro Mariano Lopez (inkel)
homepage: http://purl.org/net/inkel/
weblog (spanish): http://f14web.com.ar/inkel/blog/

[1] http://rdfweb.org/pipermail/rdfweb-dev/2003-August/011558.html
[2] http://purl.org/net/inkel/rdf/schemas/lang/2.0
[3] http://www.w3.org/TR/owl-features/
[4] http://rdfweb.org/pipermail/rdfweb-dev/2003-July/011531.html
[5] http://purl.org/net/inkel/rdf/schemas/lang/2.0.n3
[6] http://purl.org/net/inkel/rdf/schemas/lang/2.0.example.n3
[7] http://purl.org/net/inkel/rdf/schemas/lang/2.0.example.rdf

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