[rdfweb-dev] Re: bio:olb --- text or hypertext?

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 5 17:43:24 UTC 2003

> | Regardless of whether it's right or not, we're trying to transport
> | user entered text embedded in XML. Whenever we do that we face this
> | issue. As developer's we get to choose whether to strip tags, but even
> | that can get exceedingly hard some times, as in Dan's example.
> I understand. But I think we should set user expections that elements
> are either text (no markup!) or markup (use XML!) and not this odd
> mixture of both where some layers see it as text and others see it as
> markup.

The realities are that tools prepping content are not capable of effectively
guaranteeing that the data inserted into the contents of an element are properly
constructed to be well-formed and valid XML.  As a result compromises have been
made that allow effective use of 99.9% of XML's goodness.  That that .1%
(figuratively speaking) is the hard part and, for a great many applications,
entirely unnecessary.  Yes, it would be 'better' if they got it right.  A lot of
things in life could be better... if only...

-Bill Kearney

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