[rdfweb-dev] Re: bio:olb --- text or hypertext?

Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Tue Aug 5 23:02:03 UTC 2003

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> Norman Walsh <ndw at nwalsh.com> wrote:
> ><soapbox>
> >There are absolutely no circumstances in which escaped markup should
> >ever be rendered. It is an unacceptable design.
> ></soapbox>
> So it's never acceptable to transport markup from one application to 
> another using XML. Fine. I won't use XML then. I'll just have to 
> transport the markup out of band.
> Meanwhile, back in the real world, some damn user has typed some damn 
> mis-spelt html into a damn plain text field because they could. And that 
> field ended up in some XML. And I don't want to upset the app that's 
> going to read that XML because the parser refuses to try and parse 
> anything that's not perfect. So I selectively strip tags, escape any 
> special characters that are left and try and cope with feral "less than" 
> signs. And every so often it still doesn't work.
> But then you knew that.

transport != render 

(in this context at least)

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