[rdfweb-dev] bio:olb --- text or hypertext?

Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Wed Aug 6 07:46:05 UTC 2003

> Assuming TypePad isn't encouraging people to enter markup in the
> one-line bio field, then I say they should preserve the entered text,
> both in the FOAF file and the web display.
> That is, if I put "Co-founder of <blink> must die!" in my one-line bio,
> it should appear in the FOAF data as:
>   <bio:olb><![CDATA[Co-founder of <blink> must die!]]></bio:olb>
> and in the HTML version as
>   Co-founder of &lt;blink&gt; must die!

Why not as :

Co-founder of <blink> must die!

in the html version?

Personally I lean towards the render-escaped-never side, but I'm not
comfortable with the idea of stripping out any content, whatever it's
*meant* to represent.

Ok, so if this stuff is rendered and people don't like the tags, the
helpdesk response should be "it's a poor quality feed" not "poor quality
rendering". I can't see how else the publishers can be encouraged to do
things nicely. However I'm not sure how you would answer the point "but it
blinks properly in aggregator X, surely that must be better"

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