[rdfweb-dev] Some RDF stats

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Wed Aug 6 09:35:08 UTC 2003

* Jim Ley <jim at jibbering.com> [2003-08-06 07:26-0000]
> "Julian Bond" <julian_bond at voidstar.com>
> > There's rather a lot of tags in the wild that don't appear in the spec! 
> > foaf:asshole,
> Dunno about this one.
> > foaf:rudeThing from:
> http://rdfweb.org/2002/svgsemantics/picsng-demo.html
> > and foaf:wakeUpSlacker
> danbri's somewhat jokey suggestion for a distributed alarm clock app.

I was serious! However I do think (given adoption levels to date) that
that property will be a good one to use in an 'extending FOAF' howto,
ie. I'll move it out of FOAF for educational purposes, to show people
how to make their own vocabularies.


In the FOAF Project home page, I suggested that RDFWeb/FOAF tools might
constitute a 'platform for geeky fads'. This is a grave and ambitious
claim to make without backing it up with at least some evidence.

According to my stats, Jim remains the single user of this...


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