JIT queries, was : RE: [rdfweb-dev] Some RDF stats

James Carlyle james.carlyle at takepart.com
Wed Aug 6 09:14:02 UTC 2003


> But what if it was something more specific - "has anyone around danbri
> blogged about IM recently?" - get danbri's FOAF, and the FOAF of everyone
> foaf:knows, pull off their RSS feeds, do a text search and the return
> results. Does that sound viable?

I did a hack of an XSLT stylesheet that transformed a FOAF file, got all
friends, then got their RSS feeds, and transformed the results into HTML.
It takes a hopCount parameter to determine how big to spread the net.


XSLT was not the ideal tool to do the mini-scuttering, because of the
indeterminate behaviour if one of the RSS resources was not available.  But
it was an interesting exercise and I think the idea of aggregating just
one's friends blogging items is useful.


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