[rdfweb-dev] telephone as inverseFunctionalProperty ?

David Menendez zednenem at psualum.com
Thu Aug 7 01:32:45 UTC 2003

Jim Ley writes:

> I'm currently working on a project, and the only unique identifier
> for people will be their phonenumbers, this means I won't be able to
> usefully export the data as foaf (not that I'm ever likely too to be
> strictly honest, what with the DPA, but I might want to integrate
> foaf data with it)  I don't see any reason why foaf:tel can't be an
> IFP too.
> Arguments against?

Families living together will typically have one or more lines which are
used by everyone. If foaf:tel were declared IFP, those numbers would
need to be indicated with some other property.

If phone numbers are the only unique identifier in a particular
application, you could use them to generate unique URIs for each person
like <http://example.org/people/1-234-555-6789>.
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