[rdfweb-dev] telephone as inverseFunctionalProperty ?

Jim Ley jim at jibbering.com
Thu Aug 7 01:34:18 UTC 2003

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> Jim Ley writes:
> > I'm currently working on a project, and the only unique identifier
> > for people will be their phonenumbers, this means I won't be able to
> > usefully export the data as foaf (not that I'm ever likely too to be
> > strictly honest, what with the DPA, but I might want to integrate
> > foaf data with it)  I don't see any reason why foaf:tel can't be an
> > IFP too.
> >
> > Arguments against?
> Families living together will typically have one or more lines which are
> used by everyone. If foaf:tel were declared IFP, those numbers would
> need to be indicated with some other property.

Hmm, most of the world has mobile phones these days (all the ones in my DB
will be for example) The percentage of homes in the UK for example with no
telephone is increasing quite considerably.

I concede the point though, it may be too far currently (we have the same
problem with mbox though, many people share mbox's)  Maybe we can have
foaf:mobileTelNo which is an IFP?

> If phone numbers are the only unique identifier in a particular
> application, you could use them to generate unique URIs for each person
> like <http://example.org/people/1-234-555-6789>.

I'm not giving people URI's, and it does nothing to solve the smushing the
issue, of how to smush my group with the rest of the foaf world.


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