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Martin L Poulter M.L.Poulter at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Aug 7 09:14:02 UTC 2003

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Julian Bond wrote:

> There's rather a lot of tags in the wild that don't appear in the spec! 
> foaf:asshole, foaf:rudeThing and foaf:wakeUpSlacker look like they could 
> come in handy.

And foaf:gender!!!! It's a strangely abstract way of describing people
that doesn't have a mention of gender or sex (Okay, I realise that it
might be difficult to settle on a vocabulary because of many kinds of
borderline case, but it's not like a declaration is compulsory, nor that
we're going to mandate physical checks.)

(Has someone stipulated their rudeThing as a way of specifying
their gender? Does their rudeThing have a foaf:nick?)

Also, though I hate to admit it, it occurs to me that if FOAF becomes
the format in which everybody shares information about themselves it is
going to have to express astrological category. I don't mean a star sign
because that's very Western and not i18able. Better just to have
attributes for date and time of birth. (I don't care about or know my
time of birth, but lots of people out there will care about theirs).
Hey, I can't find any mention of "age" or "birth" in the current spec!
That would seem to be a pretty fundamental aspect of demographic
information: how are people who discover your FOAF file going to know
when to send a birthday present?
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