[rdfweb-dev] foaf gender (was: Some RDF stats)

Ian Davis iand at internetalchemy.org
Thu Aug 7 15:58:03 UTC 2003

On Thursday, 07 August 2003 at 12:04, Emmanuil Batsis (Manos) wrote:
> would need some work for us to be able to infer that foaf:Male or
> foaf:Female are (disjoint?) subclasses of foaf:Person and Alice is an 
> *instance* of female. So, with a little work on the RDFS that could 
> actually be

I think you could use OWL to declare a MalePerson class to consist of
instances of type foaf:Person with a foaf:gender property with the
appropriate value and likewise for FemalePerson. Then you could
declare MalePerson and FemalePerson to be disjoint.

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