[rdfweb-dev] why wordnet is cool...

Victor Lindesay victor at vicsoft.co.uk
Fri Aug 8 10:13:22 UTC 2003

Thanks Dan. 

Your example is neat.

So my RDF agent sent to get pictures of clothing (with baked in
knowledge about http://xmlns.com/wordnet/1.6/Clothing), will discover
http://xmlns.com/wordnet/1.6/Cowboy_hat as a value of the
http://rdfweb.org/people/danbri/media/2003/08/1/376j0234.jpg ->
foaf:depicts -> http://xmlns.com/wordnet/1.6/Cowboy_hat triple, retreive
the schema using the value directly as an endpoint and find  chain of
derivation of  http://xmlns.com/wordnet/1.6/Cowboy_hat from the sought
term http://xmlns.com/wordnet/1.6/Clothing. Bingo mission accomplished!

Is that how it works? The only problem I foresee is that although you
kindly allow this type of processing though the
http://xmlns.com/wordnet/1.6/ address, most class and property uris are
not physical locations for the schemas my agent needs at run-time.

Perhaps a need for a web service (in the loosest sense) to provide
schemas or schema information to RDF agents.

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