[rdfweb-dev] Time's running out?

Libby Miller Libby.Miller at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Aug 8 20:46:08 UTC 2003

> The basic approach is
> 1 define a resource for rdfs:seeAlso. Search for all instances
> 2 define a resource for foaf:Person. Search for all instances
>    3 For each Person search for foaf:mbox or foaf:mbox_sha1sum
>    4 For each Person search for foaf:knows
>      5 For each knows.Person search for foaf:mbox and foaf:mbox_sha1sum
> 1. Works fine. 2,3,4,5 all find nothing. Because there's not a single

in http://swordfish.rdfweb.org/people/libby/rdfweb/webwho.xrdf there is

14: <foaf:Person>
15: <foaf:name>Libby Miller</foaf:name>
16: <foaf:mbox rdf:resource="mailto:libby.miller at bristol.ac.uk" />
17: <foaf:depiction
rdf:resource="http://swordfish.rdfweb.org/~libby/libby.jpg" />

80: </foaf:Person>

> foaf:Person in the file. And yet the data *is* actually in the file. In
> order to find it I've got to follow the indirection from
> http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns# to FOAF. Something that I

how do you mean?

there's a foaf:Person and a foaf:mbox; the knows are in a different
file, it's true, but 1,2,3 should work right?

explain a bit more?

ok, I see what's wrong; I've got one file at
http://www.libbymiller.com/webwho.xrdf as well. That's bad...I'll link
it to the other one.

Was the issue the rdf:Description?


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