[rdfweb-dev] FOAF Query Service

Sean B. Palmer sean at mysterylights.com
Mon Aug 11 11:16:42 UTC 2003

> One thought, when your weblog has a RSS 1.0 feed would
> it make sense to add a seeAlso to point to the blog RDF?

It'd probably be better to invent a specific property that links
weblogs to their RSS feeds, but yes, that's a good idea. Wouldn't be
all that useful in the currently structured FOAFQ, but that's just
because there aren't a great deal of these sorts of properties about
yet. It wouldn't be too difficult to write a simple query
"little-language" for, either; you could base it on N3 paths.

   rssFeed of the weblog of Aaron Swartz

And you can imagine using that for six degrees stuff.

   knows of the knows of the knows of Chris Croome

(Okay, the syntax there is screwy. foaf:friend might've made more
sense, too, but oh well).

So perhaps someone would like to write up a blog module for FOAF? I
think it'd be useful to add an foaf:foaf property to FOAF, too, but
that's another rant.


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