[rdfweb-dev] seeAlso

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Tue Aug 12 07:44:34 UTC 2003

* Julian Bond <julian_bond at voidstar.com> [2003-08-12 08:38+0100]
> Jim Ley <jim at jibbering.com> wrote:
> >When you're building the scutter, is the scutter sending Accept headers
> >requesting a application/rdf+xml format over anything else.
> That would be quite limiting I think. There's a lot of valid rdf and 
> foaf that is served with application/xml or application/text or even 
> application/rss+xml

Yes. I've tried running a harvester that only accepted
application/rdf+xml but it didn't find nearly enough data.


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