[rdfweb-dev] [Bug 16] New: foaf:mbox is undersconstrained (no domain, range)

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Tue Aug 12 08:27:33 UTC 2003

I've opened a bug re foaf:mbox definition in the RDFS.

I propose that we can close this pretty swiftly, with rdfs:domain of
foaf:Agent, rdfs:range of rdfs:Resource, plus a note in the
documentation to reflect that we may clarify the rdfs:range at a later
date once we've identified a suitable (probably non-FOAF) vocabulary
that provides a notion of "Internet Mailbox". I don't propose adding a class 
foaf:InternetMailbox at this time; that'd much better sit in a separate
vocab that tackled mailboxes, mail headers and suchlike. 

Any objections? If I hear none by thurs, I'll make the change.



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           Summary: foaf:mbox is undersconstrained (no domain, range)
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The semantics of foaf:mbox property is under constrained in our current RDFS

Compare with foaf:mbox_sha1sum, which has rdfs:domain of foaf:Agent and range of

We should probably tighten foaf:mbox to have rdfs:domain and rdfs:range
rdfs:Resource (since we don't currently have a class for modeling mailboxes).
Alternatively, we could find someone else's RDFS vocab for mailboxes and use
that for rdfs:range. This could be added later with little damage, since all
foaf:mbox values _will_ be mailboxes, even if we don't yet say that in the
machine schema.

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