[rdfweb-dev] foaf:publications and greater specificity

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Tue Aug 12 11:45:49 UTC 2003

* Earle Martin <rdf at downlode.org> [2003-08-12 12:32+0100]
> I find the foaf:publications property interesting, in that it "indicates a
> foaf:Document listing (primarily in human-readable form) some publications 
> associated with the foaf:Person." However, is "publications" in this context
> meaning "documents that have been made available to the public"? I see that
> would cover things put on personal websites; it's just that I mentally
> associate the word "publications" with dead-tree media. Maybe I'm just too
> old-fashioned.

Yup, it was meant in the broader sense. Lots of dead-tree publications 
are increasingly available online now (Journals, ORA books etc);
attempting to draw a distinction here wouldn't gain us much beyond a

> That said, I'd quite like to see something like, maybe, foaf:authored and
> foaf:coauthored to indicate singular or joint authorship of a foaf:Document;
> in the case of foaf:coauthored, perhaps that could come with a
> foaf:coauthoredWith property, which would point to somebody else's FOAF
> document, or maybe be their name. Make any sense?

We have foaf:maker as a relationship between something and a thing that 
made it; perhaps we should be clearer that this is not an
InverseFunctionalProperty, ie. a thing may have more than one maker. 

foaf:maker is intended for use in similar role to DC creator, but where
you want to reference the agent who did the creatin' not just his/her name.

The backstory behind foaf:maker (ie. an account of why dc:creator is 
best used only as a simple relation-to-a-string property) is in the Wiki
at http://rdfweb.org/topic/UsingDublinCoreCreator

Re co-authored, we could define a foaf:collaborator relationship as
holding between any two distinct individuals that had both foaf:made 
the same thing. Similar to foaf:codepiction (which we also don't define
yet) being two distinct individuals that share a common foaf:depiction
value. I'm not sure whether we actually need vocab for this, although 
many apps will implement these concepts in practice...


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