[rdfweb-dev] Time's running out?

Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Tue Aug 12 10:21:51 UTC 2003

At 09:34 08/08/03 +0100, Julian Bond wrote:
>So is FOAF and by implication RDF, "Write-only" data? Well from where I'm 
>standing, damn right. Using the tools available in my chosen environment 
>(PHP, not exactly off mainstream) It's dead easy to create. It's hard to 
>read. And lots of it I can't read reliably at all or interpret if I can 
>read it. And it's taken me 8 months off and on to get to the point where I 
>can mostly understand the issues.

RDF is, IMO, not yet a mature technology.  But it seems to be getting 
there.  With particular reference to "readability" of RDF data, I think the 
the rise of RDF query systems can do much to change that, both at the 
interactive query and programmatic level.  When we start seeing tools for 
RDF like (say) MS Access for RDB (e.g. CWM with a smooth GUI), then I'd 
expect the information to be more accessible to non-enthusiasts.  Until 
then, I think we'll depend rather`on bleeding-edge application developers.

(I note your own comments are` prefaced with  "Using the tools available 
...".  Tools can be made, and good tools beget more tools.)


Graham Klyne  <GK at NineByNine.net>
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