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Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Tue Aug 12 10:25:35 UTC 2003

At 07:12 08/08/03 -0400, Dan Brickley wrote:
>What we haven't done enough of is talk about some of the ways in which
>we've been experimenting with FOAF, and about the social implications of
>RDF's semistructured design. In short, mixed namespace tag-soup in XML is a
>chaotic jungle. In RDF, it has just that much structure imposed on it by the
>over-arching framework; enough structure, in fact, to allow us to
>experiment with new FOAF property ideas by chucking experimental
>properties and classes into FOAF files and getting the feel for how they
>work. Now this worked quite well for us for a while, and we could always
>check the scutterstats to see (a) which properties were out there, (b)
>which ones had caught on, which had flopped.

(Concerning RDF and structure...)  FWIW, I've come to regard`RDF as doing 
for application data semantics what XML has done for application data 
syntax -- it defines a framework that can be supported by some common 
tools, but the application specifics and variations don't go away.


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