[rdfweb-dev] .Net RDF Parsers

Victor Lindesay victor at vicsoft.co.uk
Sat Aug 16 20:26:14 UTC 2003

I noted that Edd has some little niggles about RDFDrive; the only
compliant RDF parser available for the .Net platform so I suppose
beggars can't be choosers.


'Why all the interfaces', says Edd? Well, interfaces are cool. It means
I can develop a parser that will query an in memory RDF graph and a
parser that will query a database triples store against the same
IRdfParser interface. I can then pass either parser to a application
specific component, say a FOAF processor regardless of the internal

His other gripe is with the node based query model which I agree is
clunky. Mine main gripe with RDFDrive is the fact that it uses a DOM
instead of an .Net XmlReader to deserialise the XML into triples. This
is a real performance killer and resource eater when working with RDF
files over the internet. That's why I'm presently extending and
upgrading Jason Diamond's excellent RdfReader to the latest Working
Draft spec and then going to use it as the basis for a proper parser.
You know, the one with that nice graph.GetStatements(subject, predicate,
object) interface like RAP. Is there a better query interface? Please
please let me know before I start!

One new feature of the Working Draft that I won't be tackling in a hurry
is rdf:parseType = "Collection". Have you seen the triples that this is
supposed to produce? And while we are talking syntax, why oh why is RDF
/ XML syntax so complicated? Any reasons or excuses for this would be
appreciated because quite frankly, I just don't understand.

So hang on there all .Net RDF heads (all 2 of you), I will be releasing
VicSoft.Rdf.RdfParser + source code in September.
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