URI-resource, many-one (Was RE: [rdfweb-dev] tangle of issues (URIs and global IDs,informationretrieval, rdfs:seeAlso, WOT...)

Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Mon Aug 18 09:52:56 UTC 2003

This is the closest I could find in RFC 2396 (URIs), it doesn't explicitly
state that *completely* different URIs could refer to the same resource, but
I think the implication is there :


6. URI Normalization and Equivalence

   In many cases, different URI strings may actually identify the
   identical resource. For example, the host names used in URL are
   actually case insensitive, and the URL <http://www.XEROX.com> is
   equivalent to <http://www.xerox.com>. In general, the rules for
   equivalence and definition of a normal form, if any, are scheme
   dependent. When a scheme uses elements of the common syntax, it will
   also use the common syntax equivalence rules, namely that the scheme
   and hostname are case insensitive and a URL with an explicit ":port",
   where the port is the default for the scheme, is equivalent to one
   where the port is elided.


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