[rdfweb-dev] advocating use of rdf:ID / rdf:about attributes onfoaf:Person tags

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 18 13:55:03 UTC 2003

> However that requires that the URI that identifies Joe will always be
> available to be de-referenced to get that more data, when Joe moves his foaf
> file to a new place, he'll also have to move his URI there, and changing the
> identifier for Joe is a lot more expensive an operation for everyone than
> changing a link to more information about Joe.

Joe puts an rdfs:isReplacedBy URI in his old file.  Anything that claims to care
about the freshness of their data will have to take it from there.  Likewise the
new location can use the inverse rdfs:replaces URI to add bidirectionality.
Using 3rd party mechanisms like PGP can solve the authorization issues.  As in,
if you know the mbox (and it's hash) and you have some reason to think that's
useful via something like PGP you could confirm that the signed foaf is in fact
from the entity owning that key.  It's not instantenous and it will take some
coding to do it properly but the solution does exist.

> specifying ISO 8601 would make more sense.


> Your gender is clearly under specified, there's a lot more than 3 genders
> I'm afraid (which is one of the reaons why it's not made it in yet

(rummages around... where is that 10 foot pole?)

-Bill Kearney

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