[rdfweb-dev] advocating use of rdf:ID / rdf:about attributesonfoaf:Person tags

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 18 14:18:09 UTC 2003

> My problem with using URI's for people, especially ones you expect to
> de-reference is that you need to keep track of URI's and people need to
> undertake to keep that URI resolvable, or at least uniquely identifying
> themselves for ever, that's not really practical, and it isn't a problem we
> have mbox/mbox_sha1sum etc.  Then there's the problem that people will soon
> end up with lots of different URI's defining themselves, which complicates
> smushing, in that case which is the "official" uri, and should other people

I don't agree.  That people undertake the effort now to make their e-mail
address have some longevity is a sign they're just as likely to do so for an
identifier URL.  If they don't then they don't get to participate in things that
would benefit from using one.  It's that simple, either get your acts together
to go away.

As for 'complicates smushing', that can be solved.  Certainly not without a
whole variety of issues but none that are impossible to surmount.    The issues
of provenance, authority, freshness and the like are important issues that,
perhaps, have gone unresolved for too long.

-Bill Kearney

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