[rdfweb-dev] Dates in the rdfweb-dev RSS feed

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Tue Aug 19 14:33:09 UTC 2003

* Jonathan Greensted <jonathan.greensted at sentient.co.uk> [2003-08-19 15:24+0100]
> Fellow RDF-ers
> <jg:rant>
> I've just started (and stopped) reading the rdfweb-dev list via RSS and I'm 
> totally gob-smacked that the RSS feed does not include a time portion allowing 
> my RSS reader to display the posts in a sensible order. 
> Whoever is responsible for this feed ought to be ashamed for missing something 
> so basic.
> </jg:rant>
> Have a nice day now!

How's your Python? This is a patch I made to someone else's patch to

See http://rdfweb.org/2003/06/mailman-rss/rsspatch for my last edit, and


for status of the code. hmm looks like some changes since I last looked.

no time to look at this myself at moment...

use the src luke ;)

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