[rdfweb-dev] Message routing

Jonathan Greensted jonathan.greensted at sentient.co.uk
Tue Aug 19 15:48:02 UTC 2003

Quoting Julian Bond <julian_bond at voidstar.com>:
> Hmmm. More generally: Here's my foaf. It contains no direct means of 
> contact but it does say that you can send me a message at ID X on 
> Service Y. Isn't this just a URI? eg
> http://www.ecademy.com/account.php?op=view&id=1
> http://www.ryze.com/go/jbond
> mailto:spamtrapped_public_email at voidstar.com

The URI doesn't tell me how to send you a message in software terms.  Yes, I 
can get to your Ecad profile (via a seeAlso) and send you a message but this is 
a manual task.

I want a mechanism to route a message to you via Ecademy without any disclosure 
of private info and no manual involvement.  My email address isnt revealed and 
neither is yours.  Replies are sent via the reverse path.

It might just be via mailto:mbox_sha1sum at ecademy.com for example but I'd like 
to have a way of representing this capability.

> If this was in FOAF, I think it would be something like
> preferredInitialContactPointForPeopleIDontKnow. I feel sure we can think 
> of something shorter.

Interesting new tag suggestion!  What would this tag represent?  Would it point 
to a generic http get based messaging API based loosely around Jabber message 

> As a complete aside, I can feel a lazyweb request coming on. Some 
> service that allowed an initial contact between parties that don't know 
> each other; which protected each other's identity from spam, spoofing 
> and so on; which provided privacy and a measure of anonymity; but 
> allowed a controlled way to open up to each other. Oh, and it ought to 
> be de-centralized. Not exactly trivial, then. ;-)

We like hard problems.  They stop your brain turning to mush!

> BTW. This just reminded me that putting un-encoded IM addresses into 
> FOAF is a recipe for spam given that a large percentage of these are 
> also email addresses.

IMHO avoiding your email/IM/mobile number becoming public information is going 
to be almost impossible because even if you keep it private some other numpty 
is going to publish it.  Surely the SPAM problem is wrapped up in identity.  If 
we could say for certain that email came from a validated identity we could 
then allow of disallow those identities.  (Freddie hates spam)

Quoting Chris Croome <chris at webarchitects.co.uk>:
> Jabber is an open XML messaging system that best fits this...

>From a quick glance it looks like Jabber requires the endpoints to be known and 
doesnt immediately support endpoint de-referencing.   Could someone show me how 
to use Jabber to allow two people to communicate without revealing their 
endpoint addresses.

Sorry if this has gone out of list scope initially but I would like this kind 
of mecahanism included in FOAF.


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