[rdfweb-dev] Message routing

Jonathan Greensted jonathan.greensted at sentient.co.uk
Wed Aug 20 07:36:55 UTC 2003

Quoting Julian Bond <julian_bond at voidstar.com>:
> In the absence of any obvious solutions to this, foaf could still help 
> with something like
> <foaf:preferredContactMethod rdf:resource="URI"/>
> where URI might be an email address, IM address or a web page with 
> instruction.


Completely agree with you apart from this last bit.  We need a mechanism to 
allow software to send messages on your behalf via some URI.  Maybe this URI is 
a Web Service endpoint?  (WSDL URI?)

In our scenario (WhosFreddie.com) we have agregated loads of FOAF together and 
want to be able to route a message back to the foaf:Person via the system from 
which is was discovered.  

If that person is a member of the Ecademy community we could do this by 
invoking a call to the Ecademy messaging system using a person's Ecademy Id.  
You could restrict access to the Ecademy messaging system to "trusted" 3rd 
parties such as Freddie (to avoid the obvious spam problems).

Now if someone does a search on Freddie and finds Julian Bond we have a 
mechanism to route a message to Julian Bond without revealing your email 
address (which we may or may not have).  The reverse path can work in the same 
way allowing Julian Bond to reply to me without having to know my email address 
either. (we enable trusting of Ecademy for routing messages through Freddie)

The example can then be extended to having a Ryze person route a message to an 
Ecademy person via Freddie still maintaining privacy of email address.

So, back to FOAF.  I think we need a <foaf:messageRouting/> style tag.  Not 
worried about prefered particularly since the user can choose to route via 
Ecademy or Ryze or LinkedIn themselves.

If we invent a <foaf:messageRouting/> tag what does it contain?  WSDL URI?  
Should this be in a seperate namespace <freddie:messageRouting/> ?

What do my fellow FOAF-ers think or should I just go away and bother someone 
else with my crazy ideas?


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