[rdfweb-dev] RDF all the way on XML.com

Sean B. Palmer sean at mysterylights.com
Thu Aug 21 22:12:18 UTC 2003

> XSLT is the obvious quick approach, but I believe
> Sean B. Palmer's already put together parser ->
> ntriples code.

But I put that together for a new RDF serialization [1], which people
keep missing the point on due to the context, forum, and
documentation. You raise the scutter problem as an issue, and yet
having a generic approach should ease that--it probably won't, and in
fact cerainly won't if the feedback I've got already is anything to go
by, but I don't think there's anything wrong with the idea except for

Oh, wait. This is rdfweb-dev. Heh. Hi everyone! Well, for what it's
worth, one of the very first things that I did using the new format
was to reformulate my FOAF file in it. Since FOAF is a very flat
structure generally, there's not much of a change:-


But enjoy anyway.

[1] http://www.intertwingly.net/wiki/pie/ExtensibilityFramework

Sean B. Palmer, <http://purl.org/net/sbp/>
"phenomicity by the bucketful" - http://miscoranda.com/

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