[rdfweb-dev] Re: Syntactic profiling (FOAF document formats)

Victor Lindesay victor at vicsoft.co.uk
Thu Aug 28 07:32:40 UTC 2003

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> As I think everyone knows, I see no point in a restricted 
> syntax, I see it's
> useful to require certain properties where possible, and 
> limiting certain
> things for social reasons (not publishing mbox without 
> consent, include
> foaf:name etc.)  but  to me a simple syntax will just let 
> people create
> tools which will quickly not interop with other systems so 
> the authors will
> be progressing onto real RDF parsers quickly.   I don't see 
> the point of the
> broken middle step, I'd rather spend my time helping the 
> person work with an
> RDF Parser from the word go.

A restricted syntax, ie a FOAF format backed by an XML Schema, will be
able to be consumed as both RDF and XML with 100% reliability. The
schema guarantees XML interop by definition and the mandatory RDF
elements and attributes will guarantee RDF interop. Anyway the proof is
in the pud. When foafML is published, we will find out whether interop
is an issue.

Some hard core RDF people may be averse to any XML processing in FOAF,
but fortunately the RDF software they write is not. An RDF agent does
not know or care how that RDF is produced or the style of RDF / XML
serialisation. All it cares about is the triples.

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