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Graham Klyne gk at ninebynine.org
Wed Aug 27 09:54:23 UTC 2003

At 16:10 26/08/03 -0400, Dan Brickley wrote:
>I would be very interested to hear your (medicated or otherwise :)
>thoughts on migrating folks away from IRC towards Jabber, particularly
>for group collaboration stuff. We use IRC very heavily at W3C and nearby
>but it is so resolutely *geeky* a technology. Jabber seems to hold
>promise of bridging IRC with the more friends-n-family world of 1:1 IM
>chat. But at the moment all my tech collaborators use IRC and other
>friends/family use AIM/MSN/Yahoo/etc, so I don't find myself using
>Jabber very much yet. I've a hunch that if you could get the crowd who
>use Freenode's IRC network over into Jabber, that'd be a big leap
>forward, but then I've not really followed Jabber adoption issues very

FWIW, the last few IETF meetings have used Jabber in similar fashion to the 
way Web folks have been using IRC.  From my limited experience, this Jabber 
conferencing doesn't seem to be quite as stable as IRC, but things are 
noticeable improving.

I would imagine the relatively simple XML based protocol structure of 
Jabber would make it a fair platform for implementing chat-bots that we 
have found useful in IRC.

I understand the Jabber architecture was al;ways designed to bridge 
multiple protocols:  is there a Jabber-IRC bridge?  I'd be surprised if 
not, in some form.  That might provide a migration path for the current IRC 


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