[rdfweb-dev] Isolating the primary FoaF "thing" described in an RDF/XML file.

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Fri Aug 29 06:55:30 UTC 2003

Morten Frederiksen <mof-rdf at mfd-consult.dk> wrote:
>On Thursday 28 August 2003 18:22, Julian Bond wrote:
>> I've just been looking again at Morten's Topic Finder
>> http://xml.mfd-consult.dk/foaf/IFP/
>> - Two additional possible rules.
>>    - The Person described with foaf:maker or foaf:made
>I think this is orthogonal to the "primary thing" issue, although I agree
>that in many cases it will be the same as foaf:topic/foaf:page, the latter of
>which I think is just what is needed.

I was wondering about maker and made relating to topic. So would you
like to see us routinely putting
  <foaf:page resource="" />
against the main foaf:Person in the typical one person-one file foaf.

Where there are two inverse properties eg topic/page maker/made how do
you choose between creating a Document just for these properties and
putting the other property against the Person?

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