[rdfweb-dev] Re: Syntactic profiling (FOAF document formats)

Victor Lindesay victor at vicsoft.co.uk
Sat Aug 30 07:04:55 UTC 2003

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> > However it is a standard in wide use. 
> > Witness the giga-bytes of SOAP
> > document/literal messages consumed and produced by god knows what
> > toolkit every day, all critically dependent on the XML Schema of the
> > wire XML embedded in the WSDL. 
> Argument ad populum; to parapharse James Clark, there's no need to 
> suspend technical judgement as a result.

Who suggested suspending technical judgement? 

'Argument ad populum' is still an argument, one that unfortunately
cannot be applied to FOAF despite 3 years work. A 'flawed' technology
that is used widely proves at least one thing. It works. This is a
strong argument for people who would prefer imperfect practicality to
perfect theory.

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