[rdfweb-dev] description of a photo with GPS data

Alberto Reggiori alberto at asemantics.com
Thu Dec 25 18:10:52 UTC 2003

On Dec 25, 2003, at 1:02 PM, Jim Ley wrote:

> Often photos are interesting because they are "the view from the top of
> mount fuji" rather than being a depiction of mount fuji, if we have 
> these
> we'll also be able to distinguish the location of the camera from the
> location of the thing it depicts.  I'm not sure what a vocabulary 
> would look
> like yet, but it's like your photo:takenAt but would also be useful to 
> add
> directions it was looking etc. It's time for the pub now, so I'll have 
> to
> think about it later.

interesting stuff this....

while thinking about a similar image depiction application, a similar 
idea came to my mind, which is about adding some "directional" 
information to normal X/Y/Z geo coordinates about the picture taken - 
has anybody of you came up with a some kind of property to also express 
the "direction" (N/S/W/E) where the pic was shoot ?

i.e. kinda of scenario "I took that pic at (X,Y,Z) looking North-West 
and I saw....." vs. looking South-East, which would be same (X,Y,Z) but 
different landscape....

that would give some better approximation to the point also....or not?

happy xmas


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