[rdfweb-dev] Google + Blogger = Go_Ogle, the RDF-powered mother of all online dating sites

Frank Ruscica fruscica at opportunityservices.com
Wed Feb 19 13:18:20 UTC 2003

Here's how (I think) it will happen:

First, Google will improve the searchability of the "blogosphere" by
making it easy for bloggers to append a file containing information
about themselves and their (blogger) friends. This information will be
encoded in FOAF.

Soon after, it will start to dawn on people that the FOAF file is
effectively a (static) online profile, while the associated blog is akin
to a living profile (in the 'living document' sense).

One tipping (i.e. inflection) point later, usage of Google by date
seekers will grow to an such extent that our (grand)children will read
about it in their history texts. (Online dating is at 26M users and
growing, after all.)

Soon thereafter, Google will acquire the best RDF query toolmakers and
launch Go_Ogle, the mother of all online dating sites.

Once Go_Ogle is in place, the possibilities are absolutely mind-googling :^)

More on this, including a pointer to foundational code for XSB-powered,
GPLed Go_Ogle, at www.opportunityservices.com

So lots of fun and upside ahead for the RDF community!



Frank Ruscica

The Opportunity Services Group :: Have Fun to Get Ready

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