[rdfweb-dev] resource = #

Bill Kearney ml_yahoo at i...
Sat Jan 11 11:34:01 UTC 2003

> The issue of references to descriptions later in the file is not the
> problem. It's that extra #. rdf:resource="#xxx" pointing to
> rdf:ID="#xxx" looks wrong to me if only because <a href> and <a name> in
> html uses #xxx to point at xxx. I would think there must be an RDF spec
> somewhere that defines correct behaviour for this which would invalidate
> #xxx pointing to #xxx. Or rather would result in the description not
> being found because there was no ID="xxx" anywhere in the file.

Isn't it that rdf:ID="xxx" defines the element and rdf:resource="#xxx" defines a
reference to it? The lack of any leading portion of the URI denotes that it's a
local, in-document reference. While rdf:ID=http://someURI#xxx and
rdf:resource=http://someURI#xxx are likewise the same making use of an external
document and both indicating the rdf::ID="xxx" within the http://someURI
document. I've not seen or used an rdf:ID="#xxx".

-Bill Kearney

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