[rdfweb-dev] 558KB (KiloBlogs)

Eric Vitiello eric at perceive.net
Tue Jul 1 18:07:57 UTC 2003

> The NITLE Blog Census has a 3.2MB file containing the URLs of 
> 558K blogs and a list of URLs and metadata (language, 
> authorship tool, number of incoming
> links) for all their known weblogs. Tab-delimited file - 5.6 
> MB, 557K URLs.
> Lotta blogs.
> FOAF auto-discovery and scutter, anyone? (That sounded as 
> sane as "millenium, hand and shrimp"...)

Working on it.  Should have a FOAF scutter early next week.


Eric Vitiello
Perceive Designs <http://www.perceive.net>

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