[rdfweb-dev] yahooChatID, icqChatID and [Bug 14] foaf:chat sub-properties could be better described

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Wed Jul 9 11:06:07 UTC 2003

I've fleshed out a couple of missing properties from the list of common 
chatIDs, adding yahoo and icq. That hopefully gets us to the situation of 
covering 80%+ of people's basic needs for describing their chat accounts. Is 
anything missing?

Also have explicitly stated in the schema that these are 'inverse functional'
properties, in that for eg any 'yahooChatID' is the ID of _something_ (we don't 
say what, yet; allowing people, bots etc to have them...). This means that 
data merging based on chat IDs can happen.

I think this should draw to a close the rather pragmatic episode within 
which we list a bunch of (basically...) web sites and services within FOAF's 
own vocabulary. There is a tightrope to walk between an overly academic 
pursuit of cleanly modelled perfection (where we wouldn't allow things like
aimChatID because it couples FOAF vocab to some particular service), versus
pragmatism gone crazy where we keep on adding such ad-hoc properties because
they are a cheap way of bootstrapping a large dataset. The former leads to 
non-deployment since this stuff, done "right" is super hard to agree; the 
latter risks giving the impression that this is a centralising technology,
when in fact the opposite is true. There is no _need_ for yahooChatID to 
be in the FOAF vocab; Yahoo could have defined it themselves. But someone 
has to go first to show the potential, so I'm happy with this approeach 
even if it isn't the most elegant way to model things.

So, next on this front imho should be the representation of online account 
details... there is very little that is peculiar to 'chat', IM etc here...


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------- Additional Comments From danbri at rdfweb.org  2003-07-09 11:46 -------
They are inverse functional; I have amended the schema accordingly (revision 1.14).

No progress yet with domain/range.

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