[rdfweb-dev] XSLTs for FOAF, Spring v1.3.1 and plans for FOAFspec improvements

Karl Dubost karl at la-grange.net
Thu Jul 24 19:47:40 UTC 2003

Dan and others,

Le jeudi, 24 juil 2003, à 14:16 America/Montreal, Dan Brickley a écrit :
> The big strength is mixing. FOAF without the ability to mix in other
> data wouldn't be FOAF any more, since we'd have sacrificed our core
> pluralism.
> Either way, that's a big part of what my day job is about, so I'm 
> hoping
> to put some real time towards such efforts over the problem. Not for
> FOAF specifically, although FOAF does crystalise many of the issues
> quite usefully...

The big strengh of the "RDF model" on simple XML is that it's made for 
lazy people like me. I will try to demonstrate it soon. I will write a 
tutorial about the QA Matrix [1] which is managed in n3.

Before I was managing it in XML. It was really a pain to edit, because 
I add to respect the structure (hierarchical organization of data) and 
I had to add data which were already existing elsewhere.

Since the matrix is in RDF/n3.
	- I spend less time for the management
	- It's easier to add things.

"RDF model" saves me times. It's the huge benefit of it.

[1] http://www.w3.org/QA/TheMatrix

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