[rdfweb-dev] Re: OnlineAccount proposal

Morten Frederiksen mof-rdf at mfd-consult.dk
Sat Jul 26 18:05:20 UTC 2003

On Saturday 26 July 2003 19:51, Dan Brickley wrote:
> (i) foaf:accountUser has a domain of foaf:OnlineAccount, range of
> foaf:Agent (ii) foaf:accountType becomes just rdf:type
> (iii) we could write it as a separate rdf:type assertion, to make it
> easier to process/parse without schema-based processing
> (iv) foaf:accountServiceHomepage has domain of OnlineAccount, range of
> Document, and points to the foaf:homepage of the foaf:Organization
> responsible for the service that supports the OnlineAccount.
> The foaf:accountName has domain of OnlineAccount, is
> owl:FunctionalProperty, and takes an rdfs:Literal value.
This look just fine, and should evolve nicely.

A nitpick: I'm not sure there should be a restriction on the 
foaf:accountServiceHomepage to point to the foaf:homepage of a 
foaf:Organization - there might be a need for seperate pages for each account 
type for an organization, i.e. one for irc, one for jabber, one for aim etc.
If the restraint is proposed to be able to relate an account to a specific 
organization (since foaf:homepage is an owl:InverseFunctionalProperty), 
another property relating the account to the organization might be needed.

One thing that might be nice, is a reverse property of accountUser, e.g. 
hasAccount or so, which would help with the XML-based tree view - although 
the proposed modelling is quite good for educational reasons!


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