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Leandro Mariano Lopez llopez at xinergiaargentina.com
Tue Jul 29 22:02:09 UTC 2003

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> One bit I'd like to see in FOAF is a way to specify what languages I
> know, including level (fluent, beginner, intermediate, etc.) and which
> language I prefer, if any. Identifiers would use the codes in RFC 3066.
> What is the best way to add this in? In my FOAF-newbie-ness, I would
> propose something like the following:
> <foaf:language type='preferred' level='fluent'>en</foaf:language>
> <foaf:language type='reading' level='intermediate'>la</foaf:language>
> <foaf:language type='reading' level='intermediate'>el</foaf:language>
> <foaf:language type='occasional' level='beginner'>cz</foaf:language>
> <foaf:language type='occasional' level='beginner'>nl</foaf:language>
> <foaf:language type='occasional' level='beginner'>de</foaf:language>
> But those attributes don't seem very FOAF-ish somehow. Please lead me 
> to FOAF enlightenment, O great FOAF gurus.
> Peter
Hi Peter:

I've developed a very basic schema to specify what languages are known 
by a person. The schema is called Speaks, Reads & Writes, but you can't 
specify which language do you prefer or what the level of knowledge you 
have for it. I haven't time to write a second version, but in a future 
version I'll try to include something like this.

You can check it out here: 



Leandro Mariano Lopez
Xinergia Argentina

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