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Earle Martin rdf at downlode.org
Tue Jul 29 23:04:00 UTC 2003

On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 04:40:53PM -0500, Peter wrote:
> One bit I'd like to see in FOAF is a way to specify what languages I
> know, including level (fluent, beginner, intermediate, etc.) and which
> language I prefer, if any.

I was thinking about this today, since I just started Japanese lessons, and
also yesterday returned from Paris, where I had the chance for the first
time to use what I remember of the French I learned at school.

As Leandro mentioned, his schema lets you say:

<lang:masters>en-gb</lang:masters> <!-- reads and writes -->

However, like he says, it's 
> a very basic schema... The schema is called Speaks, Reads & Writes, but
> you can't specify which language do you prefer or what the level of 
> knowledge you have for it.

it's very basic. I also don't think "writes" is a 
very useful property, because I can't see how someone could write a 
language but not read it - it seems to me like that would be covered by 

> <foaf:language type='preferred' level='fluent'>en</foaf:language>
> <foaf:language type='reading' level='intermediate'>la</foaf:language>
> <foaf:language type='occasional' level='beginner'>cz</foaf:language>

Rewriting these in the style of inkel's schema, I get:




Although my striping skills are a bit shonky, so that might not be quite
right. Also, "lang:name" is a bit weak.

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