[rdfweb-dev] languages

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 30 12:51:48 UTC 2003

> <lang:preferred rdf:parseType="resource">
>   <lang:name>en</lang:name>
>   <lang:level>fluent</lang:level>
> </lang:preferred>
> Better, IMHO, is to introduce an explicit class:
> <lang:preferred>
>   <lang:LanguageProficiency>
>     <lang:name>en</lang:name>
>     <lang:level>fluent</lang:level>
>   </lang:LanguageProficiency>
> </lang:preferred>

Why the added wrapper of lang:preferred?  Or rather, wouldn't a level of
preference on using a language be better off asserted within the language?  What
I'm missing is how to structure your example when someone's proficient in
several languages, to varying degrees, while also expressing preference (and
possible order of such).

As in, speaks English, German and French.  Prefers English and French in that
order.  Speaks English and German like a native.  Speaks French at a lesser
level (perhaps wants to force learning it better).  The contradiction here being
English and French are the preferred languages but don't necessarily have the
highest proficiency level and while fluent in German, does not express a
preference toward using it (might even prefer /not/ to use it).

-Bill Kearney

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