[rdfweb-dev] weblog errors - retraction

James Carlyle james.carlyle at takepart.com
Thu Jul 31 21:32:44 UTC 2003

Sorry - retract my previous statement about properties and rdf:resource.
It's late and I'm tired.  From the XML syntax spec:
When an arc in an RDF Graph points to an object node which has no further
arcs, which appears in RDF/XML as an empty node element sequence such as the
pair <rdf:Description rdf:about="..."> </rdf:Description>, this form can be
shortened. This is done by using the RDF URI Reference of the object node as
the value of an XML attribute rdf:resource on the containing property
element and making the property element empty.

But Bill's FOAF file appears to have an error on line 51:

50: 		<foaf:made>
51: 			<foaf:weblog rdf:resource="http://www.ideaspace.net/users/wkearney"
dc:title="Ideaspace" />

Because foaf:made is a property of the containing XML element foaf:Person,
and foaf:weblog is also a property.  If rdf:parseType is added to foaf:made,
then the RDF validates because an implied node is created that is the object
of foaf:made and the subject of foaf:weblog:

<foaf:made rdf:parseType="Resource">

But I was right in saying that weblog is defined in the FOAF schema as a
property of Person, and since Bill is already asserting this on line 38.
I'll keep my mouth shut next time since there are probably loads of errors
in my FOAF.


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