[rdfweb-dev] FoaF RDF structure question(s)... (take 2)

Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Mon Jun 2 09:27:14 UTC 2003

> >  Additionally, having the "friends" section(s) be
> >either a separate tree or as subtrees of different roles (friends in a
> >given role or association) would make the maintenance and
> >authentication these records/pointers easier to do.
> How is maintenance a problem?  You can have an RDF document for each role,
> and manage these entirely seperately to any other role of yours, aslong as
> you include something that allows RDF tools to realise that
> you're the same
> person, there would be no problem at all with doing this, you
> could also of
> course seperate out the bits to different parts within the single
> document,
> the RDF model is very flexible in this.

This approach would work, but I do think we need some grouping constructs on
top of Bag/Collection to help with the management. I don't think it needs
super-RDF contexts, but it certainly be desirable to express e.g. all about
a Person, in all their roles in the same document/model/universe while
keeping the values of properties within the roles independent (looking

btw, I've been meaning to read up a bit on the containers etc. to try and
come up with a good way of managing foaf:Person and other groups in
ThreadsML (still on the to-do list from last week). If anyone knows of any
docs which contain anything like a best practices guide to this side of
things, please let me know.




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