[rdfweb-dev] FOAF Japanese introduction

Masahide Kanzaki post at kanzaki.com
Tue Jun 3 02:21:45 UTC 2003

Hello all (thanks Jim for guiding me to the right list),

Japanese intro to FOAF (http://kanzaki.com/docs/sw/foaf.html) got some
attentions here, and several foaf documents would come from Japanese sites
soon, I expect.

>I can
>however get a version of foafnaut correctly displaying your characters.  I
>can't upload it to my server though currently, (there's temporarily a
>screenshot at http://www.hackdiary.com/~mattb/jim/foafnaut-i18n.jpg , but
>that may be gone soon.), there's also some other problems with it, which I'm
>not sure how to reconcile.  I certainly want to support all characters

This is great. I hope the new version will be public soon :-)

I wonder how to include both English and Japanese names in <foaf:name>
element, so that Japanese native readers as well as foreigners be
comfortable. I first tried something like:

  <rdf:li>Masahide Kanzaki</rdf:li>
  <rdf:li xml:lang="ja">神崎正英</rdf:li>

* '神崎正英' is my name in Japanese characters. Sorry if you see some garbages.

Though it's a valid RDF, the range of foaf:name is defined as rdfs:Literal,
so this idea failed. But two foaf:name's

<foaf:name>Masahide Kanzaki</foaf:name>
<foaf:name xml:lang="ja">神崎正英</foaf:name>

seems to denote two different names (like real name and pen name). Should I
put both in one element?

<foaf:name xml:lang="ja">神崎正英 (Masahide Kanzaki)</foaf:name>

Could anyone suggest a good approach ?

Thank you.

KANZAKI,Masahide - post at kanzaki.com

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