[rdfweb-dev] FOAF-a-matic mk2

Leigh Dodds ldodds at ingenta.com
Tue Jun 3 13:09:09 UTC 2003

Hi Phil,

I think something funky happened with my spam filtering somewhere 
(I've been inundated recently) -- I don't remember seeing the email. 
Apologies for you being left hanging.

I've no problem with you tinkering with the code, as I consider it to 
be public domain so use it as you will. 

To be honest I got side tracked with refactoring the code to generalise 
some of my thinlet utility code, integrating Jena (decided not to use ARP), 
and also began playing with a XUL based user interface instead of thinlets.

The Jena integration meant that I was able to throw out a whole chunk 
of my code (particularly for dumping the model) so things became a lot 

I also got side-tracked with trying to devise a way to handle unknown 
properties when loading an existing FOAF file: I didn't feel that it was 
right to just throw out unknown properties, but also couldn't decide on 
a good way to show them in the UI. Of course you can always show 
a text entry field, but thats not very useful in cases like airport codes 
where you want a picklist. I'd been pondering whether annotating a FOAF 
schema with display oriented properties might be a useful approach. 

Oh, and the other extension I made was to add a simple HTTP listener 
that can be started alongside the app. This would allow integration with 
bookmarklets that would use FOAF auto-discovery to find your friends 
file from their blog home page, and then direct the FOAF-a-Matic to 
add them as a friend. I was planning to have a version of the tool that 
run only in this mode (i.e. no UI at all).

I'm just downloading your revised version now and will take a look -- 
perhaps we can merge them?

Apologies again for you having been left hanging :(



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> Hi all,
> I tried to get in touch with Leigh Dodds about his FOAF-a-matic mk2 [1], 
> with no luck, and so set about starting to extend it myself. The results 
> aren't amazing, but should start to allow people to edit their FOAF files as 
> well as just creating them.
> If anyone would care to take a look I'd be grateful for any feedback, and if 
> Leigh is out there somewhere, it would be nice to find out if he minds me 
> doing this, or if this work has already been done, etc.
> There's not much newness there, but I finally hope to fulfil most, if not 
> all, of Leigh's original intentions (so long as he doesn't mind!).
> http://pipthepixie.tripod.com/code/foaf-a-matic2-pw.html
> Thanks,
> Phil
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